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Want to Learn to Fly Drones?

Learning to fly a drone can be a bit daunting and sometimes a bit confusing. Number 1 Tip when starting out: Purchase a less expensive drone! Why? You will crash it, get it stuck in a tree or lose it. Learn the basics of controlling a drone before you invest money you cannot afford to lose. The most important control technique to practice and practice until it is programmed that is when a drone is facing away from you, right is right and left is left. When it is facing toward you, right is left and left is right. Get this programmed into your brain so it is a reflex which will save you from crashing, getting stuck in trees and losing it. I started out with a couple of different inexpensive drones from Amazon before I invested in a drone from DJI which is one of the top brands in the industry. There a couple of links below from Amazon below which you can try. If you decide to make a purchase from them, please use these links on your way to Amazon as it will support the cost of maintaining this website and blog so that I may continue providing new content and tips.

The best feature about this little drone is that it has ALTITUDE HOLD so will maintain its elevation if you let go of the controls. This is different than GPS Hold which the more expensive drones have where it will maintain its position if you let go of the controls. It is however a good little feature to have for fewer crashes into the ground.

This little drone has a couple of nice features including, altitude hold, emergency stop, one key start/landing, and headless mode.

Both of these drones are in the Toy category so you will not have GPS Hold, movement control of the camera or stability (a gimble) where the camera does not move or shake as the drone does. They also have 720P video where the more expensive drones are shooting 4K or better so the resolution and colors are better. They are a good start however to learn the controls for a drone and build a good base of skills.

Let me clarify, I do not own these particular products, however I started out with the Holy Stone product line and they have better customer support than even the high-end manufacturers. I purchased 3 Holy Stone drones, toping out around $300 on the last drone and really help me get ready for the next level.

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