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We offer both aerial photography and videography for:

  • Events

  • Weddings

  • Documentaries







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  • $200 for up to 25 edited aerial photographs

  • $300 for up to 2 minutes of edited edited video

  • $100 for up to 25 unedited aerial photographs

  • $200 for up to 2 minutes of unedited aerial video

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We offer the following specialized industrial services from an aerial view:

  • Tower Inspection

  • Utility Pole Inspection

  • Damage Assessment

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Modeling

    • Orthomosaic's​

    • 3D

    • Terrain

Hover Here For Pricing

$100 Per Hour

Total cost will vary depending on the scope of your project.

DPC are not licensed Engineers or Land Surveyors so any Mapping Models while they are accurate to a point, are for planning purposes only and may not be used to provide certified measurements.  We can refer you to firms qualified to provide that service

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We offer both drone and ground-level photography as well as videography of residential and commercial properties.  We will combine the aerial and inside footage along with music for a virtual view of your property.




Hover Here For Pricing

  • $300 for edited Drone Video up to 2 minutes

  • $300 for edited Inside Video up to 2 minutes

  • $200 for up to 25 edited Drone (Aerial) photos

  • $225 - $325 for 1 edited Ground-Level Virtual Tour

  • $200 for up to 25 edited DSLR (Ground-Level) photos

Discounts are available for combined services or repeat clients.


Check out our Real Estate Photography Website for more information

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(530) 572-1671


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